Le Belvedere Spring Styled Wedding {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}

We took a drive around the city to find a location with breathtaking views. We found ourselves in Quebec at the doorstep of Le Belvedere perched at the top of a massive cliff overlooking what seems like the entire valley of greenery. Brides flock to this venue for the views and that romantic feel of being on top of the world surrounded by their loved ones. We knew immediately we wanted to have some fun and organize a styled shoot showcasing what could be done in this space. 

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Jerrica & Chanse's Engagement {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}


We were at Bon Echo hiking the Clifftop Trail. We found a nice spot just off the trail on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water to take some pictures. Chanse went to go set up the camera in a nearby tree so that we could use the timer. When he got back, he dropped to one knee and proposed!

He was actually taking a video because I had always said that if I ever got a proposal, I wanted a picture of it and he didn’t want to miss the moment. It turns out, though, that it was accidentally put on video burst, so the only video we got was 5 seconds of me fixing my hair for what I thought was going to be a picture! It’s the thought that counts, right?! I may not have got my picture, but I got a good story, and a best friend for life!
— Jerrica

Congratulations Jerrica and Chanse! I know your wedding day later this Fall is going to be a blast!

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Alana & Zac's Engagement Session {Ottawa's Wedding Photographer}


Zac and I got engaged 5 months ago on New Years Eve after 7 years together! It was just the two of us, the kids were asleep. I was hanging out in my ragged old sweats when he came downstairs dressed in his best suit and proposed to me! It was perfect and exactly what I wanted!
— Alana

Congratulations Alana and Zac! We cannot wait until your wedding day later this Summer!


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Amanda & Kevin's Engagement {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}


Kevin and I met through close mutual friends. He’s always been a playful kinda guy with surprises and our engagement was no different. He planned out our weekend to a T with the help of friends and family, without my knowledge. I came to work on the Friday and at lunch time my friend at work handed me a single rose and a card that told me to go home.. don’t ask questions… and pack my bags for an adventure filled weekend to celebrate my birthday. Clearly ecstatic and confused I called him, he played it all smooth and said we were going to Tremblant for the weekend. So this was a huge surprise for me, I was over the moon excited about the weekend just for two! We made our way to Tremblant and once we got settled in to our suite, he wanted to take me to a nice dinner. So I was upstairs getting ready for dinner, and when I came down the stairs he was on the balcony with a sly grin. I came out to enjoy the view with him and he dropped to one knee, inclusive with a poem he’d written and proposed! And that… is the story of our engagement. What a sweetheart, he continues to be playful and funny.. I just love that Kevin!!!
— Amanda

Huge congrats guys! I cannot wait to capture your big day!

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Nicole & Alexander's Engagement Session {Ottawa's Wedding Photographer}


Last year we spent two weeks traveling around Greece. While visiting the ancient city of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, just off the Turkish coast, we rented a boat for the two of us to explore the turquoise waters beneath the Lindos acropolis. The day before, we had made the hike up the mountain to visit the original acropolis surrounded by a medieval castle perched on a cliff-side overlooking a gorgeous bay and decided we wanted to return to see the area from the water. After my boyfriend drove the boat to the bay, I turned to take in the view of the cliff with the massive caves beneath the acropolis. When I turned to exclaim my excitement over the view, my boyfriend was on one knee holding a ring out to me. I was taken completely by surprise. Unbeknownst to me, he had secretly carried the ring with him since leaving Ottawa, waiting for the opportune moment to propose. He couldn’t have picked a better spot, and, of course, I threw my arms around him and said yes!
— Nicole

Congrats Nicole and Alexander! We cannot wait for your wedding later this Summer!


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