Nicole & Alexander's Engagement Session {Ottawa's Wedding Photographer}


Last year we spent two weeks traveling around Greece. While visiting the ancient city of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, just off the Turkish coast, we rented a boat for the two of us to explore the turquoise waters beneath the Lindos acropolis. The day before, we had made the hike up the mountain to visit the original acropolis surrounded by a medieval castle perched on a cliff-side overlooking a gorgeous bay and decided we wanted to return to see the area from the water. After my boyfriend drove the boat to the bay, I turned to take in the view of the cliff with the massive caves beneath the acropolis. When I turned to exclaim my excitement over the view, my boyfriend was on one knee holding a ring out to me. I was taken completely by surprise. Unbeknownst to me, he had secretly carried the ring with him since leaving Ottawa, waiting for the opportune moment to propose. He couldn’t have picked a better spot, and, of course, I threw my arms around him and said yes!
— Nicole

Congrats Nicole and Alexander! We cannot wait for your wedding later this Summer!


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