14 Fun Facts About Me {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}

14 Fun Facts about Me

 Headshot courtesy of my hubby!

Headshot courtesy of my hubby!

Sometimes it’s hard to really get to know someone online. I post images from my engagement sessions and weddings but I want you guys to get to know the real me. So, here it goes.

1.     I love wrinkly animals and fat babies – something about the wrinkles, chub and slobber melt my heart.

2.     I am a true boy mom in every aspect. I love the dirt, naked bums, adventures, curiosity, the fact I don’t have to make pretty hairstyles in the morning. I could probably go without washing the pee off the toilet (and walls, and floor) but I am meant to be a boy mom. Oh, my boys are 8 and almost 6. There they are below:


3.     I secretly love poop stories and jokes. Seriously. I laugh every time. Maybe this is why being a boy mom works for me. 

4.     I appreciate change and personal space. I always said as a child that I would marry someone that wasn’t around all the time because I value my time to do me. My military spouse lifestyle fits me perfectly.

5.     I am a minimalist. I hate clutter and purge our belongings that I feel are taking over our lives regularly.

6.     My dream home would be a consisted of mostly windows facing the mountains. Let in all the light and views!

7.     On my current DIY lists that I haven’t started yet but plan to this summer include: making essential oil scrubs and working on scrapbooks with the kids.

8.     My life’s simple pleasures include: coffee, all the carbs (donuts and pizza especially), mangoes, the colour yellow, warm baths, comfy blankets and soft sheets, essential oils, location scouting, apple ciders in the summer and red wine (anytime). 

9.     Pet peeves include: chewing with your mouth open, mouth breathers, dirty floors, and unreliable people.

10.     Growing up, I’ve wanted to do many things but they’ve all been in the categories of creativity or caretaking in some manner. My heart needs to care for others while my mind needs an outlet to do it’s own thing.

11.  Speaking of growing up – I had probably one of the worst school photos as a kid. Check these badass glasses and rockin’ the boy haircut. Have you had the not so pretty phases as a child too or was it just me? Jeesh!


12.  I married and had kids young. I was 20 when I got married and 21 when I had my first child. I know this is definitely not the norm now but I really love looking back and seeing how much we’ve grown over the past 9 years together.

13.  I am constantly writing down my goals and making mini steps to achieve them. Never stop checking the goals off and making new ones! 

14. I love shooting weddings. Some of my favourite mini events throughout the day include: the first look with the groom and dad, watching all of the cryers in the crowd, emotional speeches, fun send offs (confetti, bubbles, sparklers etc) and watching little kiddos admire how stunning the bride is on their wedding day. There is just something magical about two families coming together and I feel so lucky to be apart of that.