Serena & Jeff's Engagement {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}


After 5 and half years of dating, I became super excited about the aspect of marriage and would continuously show Jeff ideas of rings every day (or hour in Jeff’s mind). Although we both knew that we wanted to spend our lives together and had discussed marriage many times before, we also knew that we were young and needed to finish school and find stable jobs. With this being said, I wasn’t expecting a proposal anytime soon.

December 2016 Jeff had finished his Accounting degree at Carleton University and also landed a full-time job. As a celebratory treat (and to escape Ottawa winter), we decided to take our first sunny vacation together in Varadero, Cuba. On the first day of the trip Jeff kept telling me he’s going to “explore” alone. At first I was super cool about the idea until Jeff would leave me for what felt like hours at a time (this also caused a little bit of an argument). But little did I know that Jeff was actually on a mission to scope out a romantic spot on the beach to get down on one knee.

On December 16th 2016 Jeff had asked me to go on a walk along the beach to capture some pictures with the sunset. As we walked along the beach, we stopped at this elegant bridge that led to a beautiful white pagoda facing the ocean. While I was sitting looking into the ocean, Jeff had quickly set up the camera on video, called me back into the pagoda and got on down on one knee. I immediately started crying and the first thing I said was: “I thought you said this wouldn’t happen for a while”. As I continued to cry with a giant smile on my face I finally let Jeff have the chance to speak and pop the big question. My answer was “YESS A MILLION TIMES” and the rest is history in the making.
— Serena

Huge congratulations Serena and Jeff!