Penny & Geoff {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}

I recently met Penny and Geoff (and sweet baby Owen) at a local coffee shop in Ottawa where I meet most of my potential clients. We sat down and got to know each other on a more personal level. I learned that Penny and Geoff were already married but looking for a wedding photographer. Penny explained that her and Geoff eloped just the two of them about a year ago and now they are planning their vow renewal to share this special moment and significant milestone with more friends and family. 

I get asked a lot as a wedding photographer what the norm is. Honestly, there is no norm. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you both, of the things you value most in your lives and celebrate it how you see fit.

"But Steph, what is the average most brides spend on flowers, decor, a photographer or catering?"

This is up to you! Some brides desperately want to invest in their dream venue and save on their wedding dress or other areas to be able to afford this dream. Others want an epic meal where all of their guests leave with happy bellies. Other couples invest in their wedding photography because they want to relive these special moments for years to come. It really boils down to what means the most to you.

Sometimes weddings can get side tracked by the need to satisfy everyone coming to your wedding but at the end of the day - your guests are coming for you. To celebrate this next big step in your life that you've vowed to adventure upon. 

I love that the couples I meet are all not alike. They have their own stories and their own visions. Their weddings are not cookie cutter. What they do have in common is their love of life and family, are very typically laid back and excited for the big day to finally arrive. I love that I genuinely feel connected to each of my couples and I know I'm going to look forward to spending this magical day with them.

Penny and Geoff are definitely my kind of people and I'm so thrilled to be capturing their vow renewal later this September downtown Ottawa. All of my wedding packages include an engagement session because, hey, why not practise before the big day? Penny and Geoff are already married with the cutest little man so we altered what engagement session means. It was a happy, laughter filled session of their sweet little family. Check it out below!

I'd love to learn more about you! How did you meet your significant other? Where did you meet and when was the moment you knew that he/she was the one for you? Please feel free to comment below (I promise I read every comment over my morning coffee) or better yet, send me a message and let's chat!