Sara & Chris' Engagement {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}

{Their Story}

My year is slowly winding down with only a few more sessions on the books before taking a nice break with my family. Before the beak begins though, I had the pleasure of working with Sara and Chris. I don't think we stopped laughing throughout their engagement session! These two have a clear passion for fun and adore each other. To say that I'm excited for their wedding at Stonefield's Heritage Farm in Carleton Place next year is a complete understatement. 

Their wedding website reads:

One summer weekend, the cowboy and the princess went on one of their outdoor adventures, off to a magical forest at the River of Rideau. The lovestruck couple had been here countless times before, but what the princess did not know was that this time would be very different than before. Very different indeed. The weekend started off as expected, with the princess uttering nothing but sweet words, and not even once cursing during the process of yunpacking and setting up while the cowboy did the manly tasks such as summoning fire with his bare hands. Just as the sky opened up and a bit of rain began to fall, the cowboy approached his princess, offered a hug and words of love, while he got down on one knee. The princess, used to his joking demeanour laughed it off and started to walk away. The cowboy, laughing as well, called her back, and she knew then it was real. The ring was perfect. It could only have been chosen by her true love. The princess was so happy and so full of love she forgot to answer his perfectly posed question of marriage, and instead thanked him for the ring. Eventually she realized he needed an answer; she let her cowboy wait no longer and shouted a very loud YES. The cowboy and his princess, under the watchful protection of their beloved dragon Clover, spent the night under the stars talking about the next big chapter in their lives.
— Sara & Chris' Wedding Website

Aren't these two just made for one another? Check out the fun we had during their session at Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm in Pakenham recently:


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Kitiara & Chris' Engagement {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}


Chris and I started dating on November 10, 2006 when we were 15 years old. Saying we have been through a lot together is an understatement. He is my best friend, my first boyfriend, and finally next year I will get to call him my husband. I wish I knew the date I started bugging him to purpose to me, I’ve long forgotten but let’s just say over the years there’s been thousands (millions?) of hints dropped that I wanted him to propose.

Last year on our 10 year anniversary he wanted to celebrate and take me on a special trip to celebrate our decade of being together. The month following up to our trip he was acting very strange, but if you know Chris he is someone who really enjoys joking with people so I thought he was playing me and I had my self convinced that a proposal wasn’t happening anytime soon. So, he booked us a hotel room in Ottawa, and I got him Senators tickets. That day he was acting the strangest I had ever seen him, he almost looked like he was going to be sick.

We checked into our hotel and I started getting ready for the senators game, Chris looked at me and said I needed to sit down that he had to talk to me about something. I thought it was strange and I was extremely nervous, he held my hand, reached into his pocket and he barely had knelt down onto one knee when I started crying my eyes out. He said a beautiful speech about our love and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. That moment was the most perfect moment of my entire life, even if he had to ask me twice because I was in such shock.

I can’t wait until next year when we tie the knot and get to begin the next chapter in our lives together.
— Kitiara

 Such a beautiful story! We cannot wait until your big day next November!

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Alyssa & Ben's Engagement {Ottawa Wedding Photographer}


Ben and I have been together for almost 7 years. The subject of getting married has definitely been brought up. Ben had once told me that when we got married that he wouldn’t want any debt of paying off a ring - meaning he probably wouldn’t be proposing any time soon since he would have to start saving up!

Fast forward to October 2016, Thanksgiving weekend when we go up to Mont Ste Marie ski hill to take the chair lift up the hill and see the fall foliage. My absolute favorite time of the year! That morning when we got to the hill Ben insisted on bringing his camera and tripod. I complained and asked why, I stated... or maybe whined that he never takes pictures of us (he loves to take nature/landscape pictures). Ben told me maybe we could take a picture of us at the top of the hill! Once at the top of the hill, it was crawling with people and Ben was getting frustrated he couldn’t get a shot, we moved down another hill and found the most beautiful view. I remember him setting it up and running over to me for the timed picture. I laughed at him like I usually do and once he got to me he dropped to one knee and proposed. I couldn’t believe it was happening so I responded with the biggest smile and said “no”, Ben laughed and asked me if I was really saying no, I started to cry and tell him yes! It was the very best day, with my very best friend.
— Alyssa
 Photo taken by Ben during his mountain top proposal to Alyssa 

Photo taken by Ben during his mountain top proposal to Alyssa 

Check out some sneak peeks from our engagement session together below! 

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