Meet The Team


Lauren - Event Planner & Second Shooter  

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Kelsey - Second Shooter 

Ever since I can remember my father has had a camera in his hand capturing memories of good times with family, milestones, & yes sunsets. I think you can say that’s where I found my passion for photography. My favorite photos are ones that don’t just make you look, but make you pause because it’s made you feel something; ones that make you think about the thousand words behind it. I specialize in boudoir & portrait photography because I love the mood, intimacy and your individual beauty that can be conveyed through my lens. 

Some fun facts about me:

  1. I’ve dated the love of my life twice, 8 years apart. It’s a real TLC love story.

  2. Some friends dubbed me the nickname “Canadian sniper” for my accuracy with a .22.

  3. I am the first one to get dolled up, but I am also the first one in the mud.

  4. I’m fueled by love and coffee.

  5. I grew up in the country climbing bales of hay with screw drivers, and catching frogs in the pond behind my house.

  6. I’m a coffee & Etta James listening lady in the morning & Chris Stapleton, & whiskey woman in the evening.


Caitlin - Content Writer & Social Media Manager 

I have been a writer ever since I was gifted my first journal at age 7. It has always been an outlet for me and has really shaped the way I have grown through life. I have always had a passion for fashion and have followed bloggers before bloggers became a "thing". Social media has had its pros and cons but I truly believe in balance and real life stuff. I know most people don’t really enjoy scrolling through someone’s perfect life only to question their own. We all have highs and lows and I like to show that in my blogging and hope to leave people feeling like they want to read more.   

Some facts about me: 

  1. I grew up in a small town called Truro, Nova Scotia. 

  2. I met my husband through Tinder - Married and pregnant within three years, as the saying goes... you know when you know! 

  3. I grew up always owning jeeps and became accustomed to that jeep life. I recently upgraded to a SUV as my two door jeep just wasn’t going to cut it.

  4. I work for a Member of Parliament from my husband’s hometown in PEI and manage his social media - website, twitter and Facebook, etc. 

  5. I am 5`11 and have to pay a lot of money to find a pair of jeans that have 36`inseem, if any of you ladies are tall or shorter than the average you get my struggle. 

  6. I have had four small concussions/ whiplash in my life – cheerleading, going over a jump in a mud truck, bungee jumping, and slipping on ice walking our dog. Needless to say I have a bad neck… or just accident prone.