I've been married to my husband for 10 years now. Crazy to think we are almost at the 11 year mark! What do I think has made our marriage successful so far? We get each other. It's pretty simple.

  • He understands my need for coffee before we speak in the morning - and just coffee in general.

  • I dissect Dairy Queen ice cream cake and save the cookie/fudge deliciousness for last.

  • He knows weddings make me sappy. I cry at most of them... especially the first dances. He knows I genuinely care about every single one of my bride and grooms.

  • He knows my constant need for further education in areas where I'm interested. There's always room to know more right?

Relationships work both ways. I get him just as well as he understands me.

  • He loves movie nights and popcorn (even if it's just a simple Netflix marathon).

  • The music he plays tells me the mood he's in immediately. He loves it all. Honestly. Everything from Jazz, Classic Rock, Country to Gangsta Rap (that's a genre right?).

  • He has better taste than me in most things (food, music, vehicles, clothing etc.) The one thing I have him on is decor.

  • He's a thrill seeker, man toy lover (motorcycles especially), wilderness lover and teacher by nature.

We are a team (both in business and life) and we tackle things together. 

What makes your relationship unique? I want to know!

Listening and chatting with newly engaged couples takes me back to when I first met my husband. It honestly makes me so giddy. I love hearing your stories, your visions for your big day and everything in-between. Wedding photography is my passion. The couples that I work with become friends and I'm so thankful and honoured to begin this stage of your life with you.

My family is my muse and the reason I began my photography journey. I want to make sure that my two boys have both beautiful portraits to give the grandparents but also wanted to document our everyday. I want my children to be able to look back on their childhood images and remember the fun places we went and the silly things we did as a family‚Ķ you know, the real moments. Of course, I want your family to have photographs like these as well!

Do you want to take a sneak peek into my personal life? Click here but brace yourself - these kiddos are full of personality. 

Life is so full of these moments that we want to hold onto. Stories to tell, personalities to share and relationships to grow - let us help capture them perfectly for you.